Sound and video

Tracks from our Studio Albums

SCUPPEREDStay Young’ recorded April 2023

    Wellerman     Darcy Farrow      For No One

SCUPPERED ‘In The Bar Room’ recorded January 2019

‘Empty Chairs’  ‘Maybe It’s Time’ ‘Handyman’

‘The Celebrated Working Man (In The Bar Room)’ 

SCUPPERED ‘Learning The Game’ recorded May 2017

‘Learning The game’

 And some of our Youtube clips :-

The Wellerman From the ‘Stay Young Recording Session, April 2023

‘Maybe It’s Time’ – Video from our recording session January 2019

Empty Chairs at The Village Hall 2021

Celebrated Working Man at The Village Hall 2019 

The Galway Girl  at The New Inn  Tresco, Scilly 2017

‘Fishermans Blues’with Tom McConville Christmas 2018